About Us

   Fraser and Son is a family-owned woodworking business established in 2016 by Bobby Fraser, a 16-year-old entrepreneur, and his father Tom, a seasoned carpenter with a professional wood shop. The idea for the business arose when their cedar deck had to be dismantled due to rot. Bobby ingeniously suggested salvaging the usable pieces and transforming them into bottle openers and vintage beer bottle prints, thereby giving birth to Fraser and Son.

   Today, Fraser and Son specializes in creating exquisite charcuterie boards, coffee tables, small desks, cutting boards, and resin art pieces by integrating Epoxy resin with rare hardwoods from around the globe. They also offer a comprehensive line of Ice Epoxy, one of the most reputable brands sold in over 25 countries worldwide, produced entirely in Canada to guarantee unparalleled quality.

   We cordially invite you to peruse our website and follow us on Instagram to discover our latest works of art and to take advantage of Ice Epoxy specials. Additionally, we welcome you to contact us for personalized designs or custom-made resin artwork.